Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl - Bessie Smith


How we create a thriving Blues community.

  • Create performance opportunities.

  • Maintain a Blues musician's directory and artist profiles.

  • Sponsor a weekly "jam session/showcase" for Blues artists.

  • Collaborate and support "Blues in the Knob", the annual Blues festival of the Orchard Knob Neighborhood Watch Association. 

  • Promote Blues Tourism and the Chattanooga Music Economy.

  • Promote the collaboration of artists from a wide and varied background with Blues musicians.  

  • Provide music appreciation and music lessons to at-risk youth utilizing the Blues. 


What we teach and study.

  • The "Blues in the Schools" program.

  • The History of the Blues.

  • Produce media for live performances.

  • Maintain archive footage and scholarly research. 

  • Curriculum and in-service workshops on "Blues in the Schools" for teachers and educators. 


How we support local Blues musicians.

  • Provide services and resources (legal, medical, and social services) to Blues musicians. 

  • Sponsor and maintain a weekly "jam session/showcase" for Blues musicians 

  • Support, promote and foster emerging Blues artists. 

  • Create opportunities for Blues musicians to perform.

  • Maintain a comprehensive Blues directory and artist portfolio.  

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